Our Services

Our core fuctions


The objectives, which guide operations of the company, include the following:

  • Assisting clients reduce insurance costs.

  • Taking instructions from the client and providing progress reports.

  • Executing the instructions received in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Maintaining client records.

  • Assisting in the negotiation and settlement of claims.

  • Evaluating and recommending suitable products.

  • Recommending suitable benefits and costs.

  • Follow up to ensure premiums are remitted.

  • Carrying market intelligence and providing advice.

  • Soliciting and analyzing quotations.

  • Assisting our clients in the assessment, identification and access to appropriate insurance products tailored to meet their needs.

  • Reviewing, evaluating and advising our clients on provisions contained in contractual relations with particular emphasis to the small prints and exclusions.

  • Facilitating clients’ premium financing arrangements and placing business on behalf of clients.

  • Securing competitive premium rates and improved quality of the product.

  • Educating clients on claims documentation and settlement procedures and assisting on recovery.

  • Reviewing the benefits structure for enhancement in line with market trends.


We appreciate that each customer’s needs are unique. The directors and staff of MIA are committed to building mutual partnership with clients through personalized and dedicated relationship management.

We strive for efficiencyand quality
attention to meet the needs of our customersat competitive and appropriate cost. In addition we do extend excellent after sales support service.

We become your personal consultant and delight in receiving feedback and comments from customers to improve on our service delivery standards.We are dynamic and provide rapid response and services. We consistently pursue value addition to the existing range of benefits. The MOTO is Pay less for better quality product thereby enabling our clients to save on the cost of insurance.  


Our role is to match insurer product offerings to your needs by considering:-

  • Quality of service, breathe of cover, flexibility and innovation in products or services.
  • Cost effectiveness in relation to benefits proposed,enhancement and pricing.
  • Payment terms, credit arrangements, capacity,geographical spread.
  • After sales administration and claims service.
  • Provision of services and technical skills.
  • Rationalizing premium and administration costs.



  • Completion of the proposal form.
  • Meetings with client, Arranging surveys.
  • Presenting information to insurers.
  • Presenting and explaining terms to clients.
  • Effecting cover by written instructions to Insurers and insured.
  • Arranging cover notes and policy documents.
  • Entering the risk within our record system.

    Arranging debit Notes and follow up on premium payments to insurers.

  • Assisting with premium financing agreements











We have a duty to ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive right indemnity in accordance with the terms of the policy.

  • Immediate notification of occurrence of incidence.
  • Identify insured rights and obligations under the policy.
  • Arranging for completion of appropriate claim forms.
  • Assisting the clients with documentations to support the claim.
  • Collecting claim payments from Insurers.
  • Obtaining claims utilization reports from insurers.



Reviewing claims and utilization trends/reports with client and insurer. Discussing suggested cost control methods and analyzing other quotations. Manage or minimize overutilization.